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Why rely on Webglobe?

100,000+ clients

Whether you are starting out or are at the top, we're here for you. We will always find a solution tailored to your conditions.

More than 20 years on the market

As the internet grows, we grow with it. We are constantly adding new technologies and expanding services.

Almost 300,000 registered domains

We will start your project on. COM,.EU,.INFO or on trendy extensions as. STORE,.PLAY or. BIZ.

Teams of top professionals

Each section of the online services is handled by a carefully composed team of experts at Webglobe, able to come up with a solution in any situation.

Webglobe’s history timeline?


The beginnings of Webglobe

In 1999, Webglobe was founded in Slovakia with a clear vision: to help entrepreneurs succeed online.


Rocket growth

In 2019, the investor Sandberg Capital enters the market, acquiring the brands IGNUM, Stable.cz, Hosting90, Savana.cz and ONEbit.


Webglobe today

Webglobe is the market leader in the Czech and Slovak markets, expanding into Serbia and striving to become the Central European web tiger.

This is Webglobe

The Central European web leader standing on the shoulders of online pioneers.

Behind every single client are all our people

Client success is Webglobe's success. There are more than a hundred of us and we are here for you.

Join us!

Check out the open positions and let us know about you. We'll be in touch!


Find out how Webglobe infrastructure works

How many data centers does Webglobe have? How do they work together? And what else contributes to maintaining service availability, security and multiple backups?

What does it look like in datacenters?

Webglobe helps where it's needed

We provide the technological background and all the assistance nonprofits need to fully pursue their mission.

Gear for your online world

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