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Our Strategy

We aim to help companies grow beyond their limitations.

We are building a scalable business by joining forces with the Internet pioneers in the region.

We leverage the technological strengths of companies we acquire, while respecting their local specifics.

Webglobe is driven by our mission – to bring every business online. We invest heavily into our people and into the latest technologies, because that is the only way we can fulfill our mission and make our customers successful online.

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Our brands

WY was built on the combined fundamental values of Webglobe and Yegon, companies which merged in 2014. Since 2015 we have been Webglobe – Yegon and now you know us as WY.

IGNUM is a web hosting company with a 20-years’ history on the Czech market. IGNUM is a prominent Czech domain registrar and server hosting provider. Currently it administers over 140 000 domain names and serves over 24 000 customers.

IT company founded in 2002 which specialises in webhosting, managed services, VPS servers, dedicated VDS servers and domain registrations, and including cloud services developed under Systems90 brand.

The company’s history began in 2001. Ten years later it acquired the employees and customers from MITON.cz, and now it manages web hosting brands such as Stable.cz, Otoman.cz, Endora.cz and domain registrar Kvapem.cz.