How do I change the contacts for a domain?

You can change the contact details that are linked to the domain, either as the owner or as an administrative contact.

How do I find the correct contact ID?

In. cz domains after entering the domain in the domain registry For the other extensions, if you are not sure, contact customer support

Edit contact details

You can edit the contacts for which we are the registrar by logging into the administration at

If you don't have an account, create one at the same address

  1. click on My account in the top menu and then on Registration contacts
  2. if you don't see the contact in the list, please import it via the IMPORT button
  3. click on Detail and at the bottom click on Edit
  4. edit the required data 
  5. in the authentication method, select whether you want to confirm the change
    • By email (the system will send a link to confirm the change to the contact's email)
    • through a Notary/Form (the system will send you the form and instructions to the specified email)

For the form verification method, please send the signed form by surface mail to the address below.

Webglobe, s.r.o.

Vinohradská 190

130 61 Prague 3

Attach the authorized person's signature to the name and have it officially verified (e. g. at Czech Point). In the case of a legal entity, the form must be signed by the company's managing director, please attach an extract from the Commercial Register up to 3 months old.

It is not possible to change the first and last name of a contact and, in the case of a legal entity, the name of the company. For this change you need to create a completely new contact and set change of owner.

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