How do I change the owner of a domain?

To change the owner of the domain, you need to select the contact of the new owner in the client administration and authorize the change by email.

This change will physically change the domain owner to another entity in the domain registry.

The change cannot be made without the authorization of the current domain owner. If the entity no longer exists (the company has ceased to exist, the person has died, and the domain is not part of the succession process), the change cannot be made.

Only an authorized payer/domain administrator can initiate an owner change online

  1. Log in to your customer account at You cannot initiate a change from an account other than the account that manages the domain.
  2. First, make sure you have the contact ID of the new owner in your account. You can find this in the menu under My account and Registration contacts –
    1. if you don't see the contact ID in the list, then just import it into the list – Import
    2. If the new owner doesn't have a contact ID yet then create one  
  3. In the menu, click on Services again, find the domain in the list that you need to change the owner of and click on it. Down in the domain details in the Domain Contact section, select Change owner
  4. Select the desired contact and then the authorization method

  • Authorization by email – an authorization email is sent to the current and future holder and must be confirmed by both parties.
  • through a notary/form - this is sent to the email address entered in the Email field to send the form. The form shall be signed by a contact of the original and new owner. Signatures must be officially certified (not necessarily by a notary, CzechPoint is sufficient), send us the certified form by surface mail. In the case of a legal entity, attach a copy of the extract from the Commercial Register. The confirmed form must be delivered to Webglobe, s.r.o. no later than 1 month from the date the order was generated. 


If the owner changes, the original payer remains. To change payer/manager, visit Change domain payer

Procedures may vary from one TLD to another, depending on the specific endpoint. For some extensions, the change is handled directly by the central registry, for some TLDs there are special forms, etc. If you are dealing with a change of owner for other extensions, or generic domains then consult the change at

In your application, please send us the following information:

  • list of domains
  • details of the new owner (Organization, contact name, address, email, phone)
  • for some TLDs, you may be asked to provide, for example, an extract from the Registry Office, an ID/Passport number, etc. 

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