How do I know my website is online?

The website is private and invisible on the Internet during the preparation phase. You can publish it directly in WebEditor, where you can also check the status of the publication. And if necessary, verify by viewing it in the browser.

Before publication

When you start working on your site in WebEditor, your site is private by default. This means that only the owner of the website and the people who help create it can see them. Your website is hidden from search engines at this point.

When you edit your website, your changes will not be publicly visible until you save and publish the changes.

When you are working on your website, it can be kept private until it is ready to be published. If you want to hide your website from visitors, you can save it without publishing it.

After the publication

When you press the Publish button, your website will be published and can be viewed online. It is accessible by:

- clicking on the View Published Page link:

zveřejnění webu

 entering the URL of your domain name into your browser

Note: If you don't see the published changes you made to the website, you can clear your cache and try again.

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