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What is web hosting?

Web hosting (or hosting for short) is your own place on the Internet where you store your website data. All data is stored on servers. You actually rent a piece of a server and store data from your website on it. This will keep it online, and available to your visitors 24/7.

How should I choose hosting for my site?

When choosing a web host, the number of domains and storage space that you need for pages, databases, and e‑mails are the main factors.

That's actually all. With Webglobe you have all the important functions and tools available from the lowest package. For regular sites built on WordPress, basic Webglobe Start hosting is all you need to get started. A larger e‑shop that runs on WooCommerce, for example, will be better off choosing Webglobe Plus.

What is the difference between hosting and web hosting?

Web hosting is actually just one form of hosting (shared hosting). In addition to it, there is also server hosting, where you can rent an entire server for a more demanding website.

However, web hosting and hosting mean the same thing to most people, and even we often confuse these terms.

How does shared web hosting work?

Shared web hosting is more than enough for most websites. This means that you are sharing the server with other users. 

The advantage of shared web hosting is, of course, its price. The disadvantage can be reduced server performance whenever a large number of visitors rush to the websites of your „neighbors“.

Why are you no longer offering WordPress hosting?

Yes, WordPress hosting as a separate product has really disappeared from our offer. That's because all our packages are now fully optimized for WordPress.

Whether you choose Webglobe Start or Premium, you will always have WordPress installed in 1 click and your WP hosting will run up to 12× faster than the competition.

What is the difference between web hosting for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla…?

In our case, nothing. All content management systems (CMS) need databases and PHP. You can already find them in our most affordable hosting.

Joomla can be a bit more demanding when it comes to the number of files, but we handle that with ease.

What tools can I use to create my website?

Our customers usually purchase web hosting for WordPress. It is the most used editorial system for creating a website, which is also free. 

Does Webglobe Ultra really offer unlimited sites?

Yes, with this web hosting plan you have unlimited disk space for your data.

How and when can I change the web hosting parameters?

You can change the web hosting at any time according to the current offer through the client administration. We will compensate you for the credit already paid.

How do I access the web SSH console?

The web SSH console of your website can be accessed through the client administration, preferably using Google Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi.

How do I back up my data?

You can back up your data in the client administration. On the Services tab, select Hosting – Backup – Database Backups and select Backup. However, you can also use FTP backups of the domain space for site recovery and archiving, which Webglobe performs automatically on a daily basis. For FTP, the data is available approximately 14 days in advance, for databases 4 days in advance.

How to install a content management system (CMS)?

The content system can be installed in the client administration with just a few clicks. Just open the Hosting – Web – CMS Installer item on the Services tab.

What is a malware scanner?

A malware scanner is a tool for identifying malware whose interface can be found in the Webglobe client administration. We check the data stored in your domain space once a week with the BitNinja tool.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a service where multiple websites run on a single server, instead of each website renting its own server. By sharing server power, shared hosting is much cheaper than renting your own server.

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