What is the difference between RRP and PAYG?

This is a different philosophy of using a VDC. RRP (Reserved Resource Pool) is a model of a reserved pool of resources. These resources are available to the client on a per-order basis and the client can use them to build the necessary infrastructure. It therefore has a limited amount of processors, RAM, and storage to distribute among its servers. In case of a shortage of parameters, the required capacity can be reordered. The RRP model is billed monthly based on dedicated resources.

The PAYG (PayAsYouGo) model is billed based on the monthly average of the allocated funds. The client is charged for the actual allocated and used resources of the created virtual computers according to the hourly rate. In the case of loaded server resources (CPU, RAM and storage), the rate is billed as a multiple of the parameters over time. When the server is down, only the allocated storage is charged, the CPU and RAM are not charged at that time. There is no charge for deleting the server from the system. This model is suitable for various testing or in cases where it is necessary to constantly change the performance of servers in the short term.

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