How do I create a virtual server in the VDC?

The vCloud Director user interface is available for creating virtual servers (VMs) in a virtual data centre. This interface allows you to completely manage your own VDC-creating a vApp, creating a Virtual Machine (VM), and powering on, powering off, or restarting the virtual machine. 

How many servers can I create?

The client is not limited by the number of servers (virtual machines) created. The only limitation is the amount of performance (CPU, RAM and storage) in the RRP subscription model.


How quickly will the VDC be ready for me after I order?

The VDC is ready by a machine after the order is paid. However, in case of any doubts and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and our technicians will help you with the selection of the necessary parameters, or even with the selection of a suitable VDC – RRP or PAYG model.

What is the difference between RRP and PAYG?

This is a different philosophy of using a VDC. RRP (Reserved Resource Pool) is a model of a reserved pool of resources. These resources are available to the client on a per-order basis and the client can use them to build the necessary infrastructure. It therefore has a limited amount of processors, RAM, and storage to distribute among its servers. In case of a shortage of parameters, the required capacity can be reordered. The RRP model is billed monthly based on dedicated resources.

What operating system can be used for virtual servers?

In the catalogue you will find all standard stable versions of the Linux operating system – Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu… and, of course, also the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows licensing is done in the form of an SPLA, i. e., a monthly lease of the necessary licences. If a non-standard operating system is required, it can be added to the system at the client's request or you can import your own operating system into the catalog using the vCloud Director interface.

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