9. 9. 2020
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Major shifts on the web hosting market

The latest acquisitions by WY Group confirms the upcoming consolidation of the Czech hosting market. By acquiring HOSTING90 systems, among others, WY Group is sending out a clear message to other companies that it is ready to join forces. 


By acquiring HOSTING90 systems s.r.o. and Hosting zdarma s.r.o., WY Group is fulfilling its ambition to become a key player on the Central-European market and expand its service portfolio. Over the past 10 months, services provided by IGNUM, Stable.cz, Axfone, and CZ hosting have become part of the WY Group portfolio.

„The purchase of HOSTING90 systems has enhanced our offer of infrastructure services. This area is crucial for us in terms of further development of our products,“ IGNUM Executive Director Jaroslav Štětina said.

WY Group is not only expanding and developing its service offer but also creating new and interesting career opportunities. The group aspires at attracting the best talent in the fields of software development, product and service design, international team management, and customer care.

Both the above mentioned companies, HOSTING90 systems s.r.o. and Hosting zdarma s.r.o., will be managed by one of their hitherto owners, Pavel Špinka. He will keep his current position until the integration of both companies with IGNUM. The acquisition will bring new team members to IGNUM who will join the customer care and admin teams.

„The acquisitions are not solely aimed at expanding our customer base and portfolio. Another great asset lies in the teams of talented people coming with the acquired companies. Still, the Group’s growth requires that we also hire new people,“ Petr Šmída, Stable.cz CEO and WY Group’s HR manager, added.

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